Our New Recent Missions News Letter

About Hope Ministries :

Bro Samuel Joshua Geddam is the founder of Hope Ministries. He has grown under the spiritual hood of Apostle K. Samuel, his grand father who has planted more than 105 churches and was in the full time ministry for more than 75 years. This great man of God, Apostle K Samuel slept in the Lord and from the age of 23, Pastor Samuel Joshua Geddam has been unceasingly carrying forward the works of the Lord. His parents and his siblings reside in United Kingdom and although he has a chance to go to United Kingdom, he obeyed the God’s call on his life to be His servant for the gospel. Pastor Samuel Joshua Geddam is married to his wonderful wife on December 10, 2002 and his wife, Sis Sudha Joshua Geddam, also works and she also translates the articles of the word of God which we put in the website and she is a great asset to the organization as she handles all the projects relating to the Hope Ministries. He is also the Directress of this great Organization. They had a lovely son Stephen Emmanuel Wesly who takes care of the Children’s Home and also teaches them. Praise God for this.

His goal and vision is to plant churches in the unreached villages in India. India is bounded by 330 million pagan Gods and there are 780,000 villages where people still do not know Jesus. Through the able support of the friends, churches, organizations, individuals, the team of Hope Ministries is able to plant more than 100 churches and as you go on through our website you can see our accomplishments. Finally Pastor Joshua says, I am not ashamed of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.